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Discovery Museum

  1. Museum Group Visit & Field Trip Interest Form

    Thank you for your interest in a field trip or group visit at the Children's Discovery Museum in Normal, Illinois. We are Inspiring the... More…


  1. 50/50 Sidewalk Replacement Request

    Please use to request replacement or construction a new sidewalk

  2. Request for Flood Information
  3. Traffic Light Outage or Malfunctioning Traffic Light

    Please use this form to report a traffic light outage during the hours of 8:30 am - 5:00 pm Monday to Friday. If you're reporting... More…

  1. Overweight Permit Application

    Please use to request permission to travel with overweight loads through the Town of Normal

  2. Right-of-Way Permit

    Please use to request permission and authority to do certain work on the right-of-way in the Town of Normal

  3. Uptown Normal Outdoor Cafe Application

    Please use to request a permit for an outdoor cafe


  1. Fire Concerns, Requests & Questions
  2. Town of Normal Fire Alarm Permit Application
  1. Smoke Alarm Installation Request Form

    Fill out this form to request smoke or carbon monoxide alarms to be installed by Normal Fire Department as part of the "Be Alarmed"... More…

  2. Town of Normal Fire Sprinkler System Permit Application

General Forms

  1. Contacting the Mayor and Town Council
  2. General Uptown Normal Questions
  1. General Questions
  2. Train Horn Complaint Form

    Please use this form to report a train that in your opinion is abusing the whistle.

Human Resources

  1. Diabetes Management Program Survey

    Providing feedback on the Diabetes Management Program

  1. Police Officer Employment Interest Form

Parks and Recreation

  1. 2017 USA Girls' 16A-U National Championships - Coaches Recruiting Form

    Are you a college coach looking to recruit? Sign up here so we can let teams know your school will be in attendance.

  2. Adopt-a-Park/Street/Trail Application Form
  3. Community Garden Assessment

    The purpose of this assessment tool is to survey participants in the Town of Normal Community Garden program to collect demographic... More…

  4. Special Use Application - Normal Parks and Recreation

    Please use the form below to request use of any Town of Normal Park or Constitution Trail for an event, race, fundraiser, etc. There is... More…

  1. 2019 USA Girls' 12A-U National Championships - Tournament Program Information
  2. Adopt-a-Park/Street/Trail Clean Up Report Form
  3. PROPS Nomination Form - Parks and Recreation

    By completing the form below, you are nominating a part-time, seasonal employee for the PROPS Award! Nominations are accepted... More…

  4. Tree or Tree Limb Issue

Volunteer Forms

  1. Boards and Commissions Volunteer Interest Form
  1. Community Service Hours

    Complete this volunteer form when community service hours are needed.