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McLean County PIO Group

  1. Contact Information Survey

    The purpose of this survey is to collect McLean County PIO Group members' information. Data collected will be shared with the group for planning of an emergency situation when assistance is needed. A Picture Directory will be created to help identify all members of the McLean County PIO Group.

  2. Please upload a head shot to be included in the McLean County PIO Group Member Directory

  3. If you have a media list you would like added to the universal McLean County PIO Group media list, please upload.

  4. Emergency Planning

  5. Are you willing to assist in another member's Joint Information Center (JIC), if needed?*

  6. Are you available on nights and weekends?*

  7. Secondary Contact

    In the event that you leave your organization or change positions, please provide a secondary contact.

  8. Miscellaneous

  9. Does your organization have available space with technological connectivity to accommodate a Joint Information Center (JIC) should space be needed due to an emergency/disaster in the county? *

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