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Small Business Relief Program Prequalification

  1. Small Business Relief Program Prequalification

    To see if you are eligible to receive a grant, please answer the following questions.

  2. Is your business physically located in Normal?

  3. Has your business been in operation in Normal since Jan. 1, 2020?

  4. Is your business still operational and do you plan to be operational within the Town of Normal after Dec. 31, 2020?

  5. Is your business for-profit?

  6. Did your business have 50 or fewer full-time equivalent (FTE) employees as of March 17, 2020?

    Definition of FTE:

    The total number of regular straight-time hours worked by employees divided by the number of compensable hours applicable to the fiscal year; most frequently used: 2,080 hours would be equal to one FTE (40 hours x 52 weeks = 2,080 hours).

    Example: For the 2020 taxable year, an employer pays five employees wages for 2,080 hours each, three employees wages for 1,040 hours each, and one employee wages for 2,300 hours. The employer uses a method that counts hours actually worked. The employer’s FTEs would be calculated as follows:

    1. 10,400 hours for the five employees paid for 2,080 hours (5 x 2,080)

    2. 3,120 hours for the three employees paid for 1,040 hours (3 x 1,040)

    3. 2,080 hours for the one employee paid for 2,300 hours (lesser of 2,300 and 2,080)

    4. The total hours counted is 15,600 hours. The employer has seven FTEs (15,600 divided by 2,080 = 7.5, rounded to the next lowest whole number).

  7. Has your business received a Business Interruption Grant (BIG) from the State of Illinois?

  8. Is your business up-to-date on all local and State of Illinois tax obligations?

  9. Has your business closed or had to reduce operations due to government orders, public health guidelines, or depressed consumer demand during the COVID-19 pandemic?

  10. Is your business compliant with all relevant laws, regulations, and executive orders from the State and federal government pertaining to COVID-19, including the social distancing guidelines as promulgated by the Executive Orders of the Illinois Governor?

  11. Is your business type listed below?

    a. A private club or business that limits membership for reasons other than capacity

    b. A government-owned business entity (except for businesses owned or controlled by a Native American tribe)

    c. A business that derives at least 33% of its gross annual revenue from legal gambling activities, unless, subject to the Department’s approval, the business is a restaurant with gaming terminals

    d. A business engaged in pyramid sales, where a participant's primary incentive is based on the sales made by an ever-increasing number of participants

    e. A pay day lender

    f. A residential landlord

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