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Harmon Arts Grant Application

  1. PLEASE READ before completing the application

    Creating a Town of Normal website account is NOT required to complete this form. You may complete it in one session. With an account, you will be able to save this form and complete it in stages. This application and all supporting documents must be submitted by May 10, 2018.

  2. Organization Information

  3. PERSON RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS PROGRAM OR PROJECT (Please list program contact and NOT grant writer unless they are the same person.)

  4. If the CEO is the grant applicant’s contact, list “same as above”

  5. Is this organization a registered Not-For-Profit*

  6. Please upload documents proving your organization's NFP designation

  7. Include years in operation and programs or projects successfully accomplished. 750 characters maximum

  8. Explain the overall goals of the organization. This may be a formal mission statement. 300 characters maximum

  9. Grant Request

  10. $5,000 maximum

  11. Include all expenses to be paid by grant funds. Information should be itemized with bids, quotes, or documentation of similar past expenses when applicable. When explaining your program or event, don’t assume the reader is knowledgeable about the activity; be specific about what aspects will be funded by the grant. 500 characters maximum

  12. Does this event take place within the Town of Normal?*

  13. 4,000 characters maximum

  14. 500 characters maximum

  15. Estimate the number of people who will be served by your project or program funded by the Harmon Arts Grant award. If applicable, estimate the number of children, seniors and/or low income residents to be served.

  16. Will the program, project, event, or performance described in this application take place without full or partial grand funding?*

  17. If you answered no to the previous question, explain how grant funding is vital to your planned project, performance or program. 500 characters maximum

  18. If you answered "yes, with modifications" to the previous question, explain how you will modify your plans to fit the reduced award. 500 characters maximum

  19. If a 2017 award recipient, have you submitted your 2017 grant report as instructed?*

    *If your organization received a grant award in 2017, and you have not returned your 2017 financial documentation as required by your grant agreement, 2018 award may be withheld until 2017 documentation has been received. If your program will take place between now and the grant deadline, please submit your expenses to date. Reporting form may be found on*

  20. By my electronic signature, I certify that the above answers are true.

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