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Town of Normal Fire Sprinkler System Permit Application

  1. NFD-Axehead

  2. Glenn Rosecrans, Fire Prevention Supervisor

    (309) 454-9616 I

  3. Enter the name of your Sprinkler Contractor.

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  6. Enter city and state for the contractor address.

  7. Enter the address for where the construction is taking place.

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  12. Fire sprinkler systems should be designed to the most current edition of NFPA 13, 13R, or 13D. Plans submitted shall include drawings to scale and hydraulic calculations. All sprinkler system Hydraulic Calculations submitted to the Town of Normal shall have at a minimum 10 psi Safety Margins. All frie protection systems, which have a supply line greater than two inches, shall have a reduced pressure principle detector assembly (RPDA). A plumbing contractor that is licensed and registered with the Town of Normal must install the backflow device.

  13. Permit Fee: $250.00

  14. A permit shall be obtained to commencing fire sprinkler work in the Town of Normal. The Town may require additional information or documentation prior to issuance of a permit. The applicant and the owner of this property consent to any reasonable inspection of work to determine compliance with Town ordinances, including inspections performed to determine whether a permis is necessary. The applicant acknowledges that they have informed the property owner of the inspection requirements neessary to determine compliance. Upon completion of the work, the permit holder shall notify the Town and arrange for an Occupancy Inspection prior to occupying or utilizing the scope of work under permit. The Town is not responsible for damage or injury as a result of an inspection, failure to make an inspection, issuance or refusal to issue a permit. The applicant upholds the truth of the plans, information and documentation priovided for permit issuance and agrees to comply with the Town's ordiances. This permit is neither transferable nor assignable.

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