1. Administration

    Learn about the responsibilities of the department and request a speaker.

  2. Clerk

    Find information on business licenses, liquor licenses and voter registration.

  3. Communications

    The Communications Department is responsible for the Town’s public relations, marketing, branding and overall communications strategy and implementation.

  4. Cultural Arts

  5. Engineering

    Access information about permits, street resurfacing and stormwater and erosion control.

  6. Facilities Management

    This department is responsible for all aspects of building operations and maintenance of the 18 municipality's facilities.

  7. Finance

    View financial reports, the Town budget and make an online payment.

  8. Fire

    Access the Normal Fire Department website and peruse information about the department and its divisions, stations and apparatus.

  9. Human Resources

    Find information about careers with the Town of Normal.

  10. Information Technology

    The IT Department functions primarily as an internal service department for the Organization by enabling departments and employees to deliver service to the public efficiently and effectively.

  11. Inspections

    Find information about housing and code enforcement, and building inspections.

  12. Legal

    Read about ordinance violations, appealing a vehicle tow and paying parking tickets.

  13. Library

    Learn more about the Normal Public Library services and programs.

  14. Parks and Recreation

    Visit the Parks and Recreation site and browse information on park facilities, special events and recreation programs.

  15. Planning & Zoning

    Access a variety of planning and zoning resources.

  16. Police

    Access the Police Department site and learn about the department and its services and find out how to report a crime.

  17. Public Works

    Read about waste and recycling, sewer, street and vehicle maintenance.

  18. Uptown

    Find everything you need to know about events and attractions Uptown.

  19. Water

    Access online utility account maintenance, water treatment information and the hydrant flushing schedule.