Adult Fitness

All adult fitness classes will meet at the All adult fitness classes will meet at the Community Activity Center - Fitness Room.
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30-Minute Core & More

This class targets the powerhouse - your core muscle group! Participants will be led through a series of exercises that strengthen and stretch the abdominal, back, chest, shoulders, glutes and legs. The class will blend Yoga and mat Pilates offering improved muscle tone, posture, balance and strength.

Photo of Step Aerobics Instructor

Fast & Furious

Want to transform your body? This 30-minute class is designed to challenge every participant based upon their current level of fitness. Workouts will be fast-paced, high intensity, exhilarating, exhausting and effective! Participants will work every muscle group while getting heart rate up through cardio, calisthenics and strength training.


Unleash your power with Pilates + Yoga + nonstop movement! You'll sweat, stretch and strengthen - all in one workout. No weights. No bulk. Just hardcore results.

Step & Sculpt Plus Abs

Keep in shape by working out in this fun, high energy class. Adjustable platforms are used allowing participants to vary intensity and impact based on preference. Instructor will combine simple movements with cardio intervals while teaching challenging step sequences for beginners as well as advanced participants to get the best workout possible. The last 10 minutes of class are devoted to muscle conditioning with light weights and challenging core work.

Stretch & Tone

This is a very low impact exercise and stretching class programmed to music. It is designed for those 55 & over who want to remain active.

Total Body Circuit

Take your fitness to the next level with this total body workout guaranteed to make you feel the burn as you sculpt and tone your body! Participants use body weight and dumbbells as they flow through a series of exercises designed to improve fitness and muscular strength.


This high energy dance fitness class is fiercely fun as the workouts are to a variety of music including pop, rock and hip hop. If your goal is to obtain a good workout while enjoying it at the same time, this class is for you.


Learn or review basic asanas (postures), practice breath work and meditation in a relaxing environment while building strength, increasing flexibility, and improving balance. Block and straps furnished.


Be a part of this high energy dance-fitness exercise program that is fun, challenging and provides an excellent workout!