Optional Benefits

Education / Training

Full time employees may be eligible to apply for tuition reimbursement. For pre-approved classes or courses the Town will pay up to $2500.00 per calendar year. Some positions may have opportunities to attend conferences, workshops, or other on-going professional development.

Employee Assistance Program

TheTown’s EAP provides professional counseling services and specialty referral for employees and dependents. Chestnut Global Partners is the current EAP Coordinator. Services include meeting with employees or dependents to determine the proper course of treatment, providing some counseling services free of charge, or referring the client to an appropriate outside counselor. All services offered by the EAP can be accessed 24/7/365 by calling 1-800-433-7916.

Flexible Spending Plan

This is a salary reduction plan in accordance with IRS regulations. Participants selecting pre-tax payment of their dependent health and dental premiums, day care expenses or non-covered medical expenses will have those payroll deductions sheltered from taxable income.

Progressive Salary Administration

With acceptable performance, automatic salary increases occur at six months (end of probation), twelve months and twenty-four months. Employees then progress through an annual merit step plan until they reach the top of the position’s salary range. The salary schedule may be modified for cost of living adjustments in April and October, capped at 5% annually.

Wellness Program

This program provides 60% reimbursement up to $200 annually for wellness related programs or classes for eligible employees. The Town has contracted with BroMenn Healthcare for a part time Wellness Specialist to work on site with Town employees to coordinate a comprehensive wellness program, including personal consultations with employees and dependents. Health screenings are also done annually which include glucose and lipid profile screens. Full-time employees may become a member of Four Seasons Health Club and Workout Company at a reduced membership rate. There is an Employee Fitness Center on site for use by regular employees and their dependents.