Police Report

A Freedom of Information Act Form must be completed to obtain a copy of a police report or traffic accident report. There are three ways to submit the form:

Traffic Accident Reports

A copy of a Traffic Crash Report is $3 (unlimited number of pages). All other police reports are $0.10 per page after the first 50 pages. The Clerk's Office will notify the requester of the amount owed or, if known, the amount may be paid in advance. Unless otherwise notified, your request for records will be complied with within five working days after its receipt. Commercial requests will be complied with within 21 working days.

For convenience and immediate access to Traffic Accident Reports, you can access the online portal provided by eCrash at https://ecrash.lexisnexis.com. You will be required to register by logging in to your existing account or creating a new customer account with the online provider. You will be charged $3 for the Town of Normal report fee in addition to a convenience fee established by the provider. You can download the Traffic Accident Report instantly.

For parties involved in traffic accidents that choose to complete their SR-1 form online, click here.

Please Note: Some police records may be exempt and will be redacted or denied under the Illinois Freedom of Information Act.