Youth Sports & Wellness



Youth Basketball is an eight-week program beginning in January for boys and girls in first through fifth grades. Teams are divided into boy teams and girls teams and also by grades. Second and third graders play together. Fourth and fifth graders play together and first graders play together and do not divide into separate boys and girls teams. Teams practice one evening a week and play a game every Saturday morning.
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Biddy Basketball

Biddy Basketball is for boys and girls in kindergarten through first grade. This is an instructional program that focuses on introducing participants to the game of basketball by teaching basic fundamentals through the use of fun games and activities. Participants meet twice a week during the fall to practice and will have the chance to show off what they have learned on game days, which will be held on the last two Saturdays of the program.  View the Biddy Basketball Flyer (PDF).

Cobra (Children Outside Being Really Active)

COBRA (Children Outside Being Really Active) is a summer program for boys and girls who are entering second and sixth grades. COBRA introduces new games, teaches sportsmanship / teamwork and provides great exercise and fun. Some of the activities include; soccer, basketball, wiffle ball, tennis, kick ball, capture the flag, summer Olympics and disc golf. This program meets two and a half hours, twice a week. It is offered in two separate four-week sessions. Flyer (PDF)


This class is an introduction to the Art of Olympic Sport of Fencing, designed for KIDS ages 5 – 14. Young fencers will learn how to move, defend, and attack using a practice safety sword - in the Classical French style. Kids in this class will be learning correct fencing form, developing appropriate fencing skills and cultivating courtesy and respect for others, as well as learning about the historical origins of this exciting sport. Great for developing physical agility and mental focus, fencing is also FUN! Fencing develops better eye-hand coordination, physical agility, grace, and balance, while promoting cardiovascular fitness and increased confidence and self-esteem. Classes are held at the Community Activity Center in One Normal Plaza.
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Gymnastics / Tumbling

There are two, four-week gymnastics sessions during the summer as well as a tumbling program. The gymnastics program is taught by college students who have personal gymnastics experience. The classes are in the morning and participants meet twice a week. Grade requirements are entering kindergarten through sixth grade. The tumbling program is also offered during the summer. This program is for ages three to five years and meets on Saturday mornings for eight weeks. The tumbling program also has a fall and winter eight week session. Flyer (PDF)

Hoopin' It Up

Boys and girls ages 9-12 can participate in this unique exercise class which involves hula hoops as the main attraction of the program.  View the Hoopin' It Up Flyer (PDF).

Intro to Karate

This class teaches a variety of martial arts concepts, self-defense techniques and skills. Participants will learn stances, focus, awareness, breath, body movement, balance, timing and yes - how to punch, block and kick.

Junior Pee Wee Soccer

Boys and girls age 3 can participate in a co-ed soccer program.  Participants will play age appropriate soccer games, activities, and drills on Saturday morning. View the Junior Pee Wee Soccer Flyer (PDF).

Junior Golf Academy

Junior Golf Academy for ages 5 – 17, teaches the beginner golfer and helps the more seasoned golfer improve their golfing skills. This is offered in June and July under the direction of Ironwood Golf Professional Craig Onsrud.

Lacrosse 101

Boys and girls, ages 5-15 will be instructed in beginning fundamental skills of lacrosse including catching and throwing, ground balls, shuttle drills and lacrosse terminology, positions and rules as well as game play. Class will include the use of proper lacrosse equipment, supplied by the Town of Normal Parks and Rec department, but feel free to use your own! As participant’s progress with the growth of the game, knowledge of rules and skills developed, Lacrosse 101 will also feature scrimmages and opportunity to advance to higher level camps. Practices are held at the practice field at Pine and Beech in One Normal Plaza. View the Lacrosse Flyer (PDF)

Pee Wee Soccer
Boys and girls ages 4-5 can participate in a co-ed soccer program.  Participants will practice one a week for 45 minutes and play a game on Saturday morning.  This is a great way to introduce participants to the game of soccer and meet new friends. View the Pee Wee Soccer Flyer (PDF).


Pre-Ball is divided into boys baseball and girls softball. This is offered to children ages six and seven. This program features assigned teams, a coach hired for each team, scheduled practices twice a week, and a game on Saturdays. Pre baseball / softball allows players the opportunity to learn and improve their skills through the “team” and “game” concept, yet still emphasizing the two most important reasons for participating, playing and having fun.

Soccer Stars

Soccer Stars is a 5 week program available for boys and girls ages 4-8. Soccer stars will focus on instilling good habits to young soccer players by teaching proper fundamentals. Topics will include striking, passing, dribbling, and much more. Each lesson will conclude with small sided scrimmages. 6-8 year olds will meet for 60 minutes once a week while 4-5 year olds meet for 45 minutes once a week. This program will be taught by Parks and Recreation staff.
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NOTE: 4-5 year old Soccer Stars is only offered in the summer. 6-8 year old Soccer Stars is offered in the spring and summer.**


T-Ball is for boys and girls ages five and six who either have had a year of Wee Ball or feel they are ready for a program that focuses on the instruction of fundamentals through the use of drills, games and fun activities. Participants practice twice a week and games will be played on Fridays. Flyer (PDF)

Tennis is offered for the beginner, intermediate and advanced player. Participants must be ages eight – 17 to participate.


Volleyball is offered to boys and girls in fourth through seventh grades. The co-ed program begins in October for eight weeks. Teams practice once a week for one hour with games played on Saturdays. This is an excellent opportunity to learn or improve volleyball skills and meet new friends. View the Girls Youth Volleyball Flyer (PDF).

Volleyball 101

1st grade girls can participate in an introductory volleyball program. Participants will meet on Saturday mornings for 6 weeks and learn the basics of this fast growing sport. Each lesson will conclude with a match. View the Volleyball 101 Flyer (PDF).

Wee Ball

Wee Ball is for boys and girls ages three and four. Participants will be introduced to the sport of baseball through a variety of fun games and activities. A glove is not required to participate. No games are played at this level. Practice is twice a week for eight weeks during the summer.

Zumba Kids

Crazy-cool dance-fitness workout for kids set to hip-hop, salsa, reggaeton and more great music! Kids love to crank up the music, shake, wiggle and have a blast with their friends. So why not get fit while they're at it? We incorporate dance, games and interaction among kids. It's about making fitness a natural part of their lives -- not just a class they attend. Developing a healthy lifestyle includes: leadership, respect, team work, pride, confidence, responsibility, as well as developing coordination, balance, discipline, memory and creativity. Classes are designed for youth ages 4 – 10 years and takes place at the Community Activity Center during fall, winter and summer months. Flyer (PDF)