Firefighter - Paramedic Recruitment

The Normal Fire Department's Final Employment Eligibility List expires January 2023.

The Town of Normal periodically offers a selection process for entry level Firefighters/Paramedics. Interested persons must submit a Firefighter/Paramedic Employment Interest Form. After receiving your completed interest form, the Town will contact you when the next selection process is scheduled. At that time the Town will provide information including an official application, testing schedule and any other pertinent information.

The Town of Normal is an equal opportunity employer.

Firefighter/Paramedic Applicant Notice
A successful Firefighter/Paramedic applicant must possess a valid State of Illinois Paramedic License or a National Registry Paramedic License at the time a tentative offer of employment is extended. Once an offer of employment is extended applicants must immediately obtain EMS System Certification to be employed. Applicants without a Paramedic license should be enrolled in, and have significantly completed, a Paramedic training program before testing with the Town of Normal.