Street Resurfacing

Every spring, the Engineering Department completes the annual asphalt street pavement condition survey. From this survey, the annual Street Resurfacing Priority List is developed based on the observed condition of the streets. The list is used as a guide for the preparation of the annual street resurfacing contract. A brief explanation of the priority system is as follows:

  • Priority 1 - Street requires resurfacing as soon as possible
  • Priority 2 - Street requires resurfacing in the next one to two years
  • Priority 3 - Street should be surveyed every year, maintenance procedures may extend time until resurfacing required, resurfacing necessary in approximately two-four years
  • Priority 4 - Street in fair condition, survey condition again in two years
  • Priority 5 - Street in good condition, survey condition again in three years
The “Type” column of the list indicates which method of resurfacing will be done. “R” indicates the method by which the existing surface is heater scarified and rejuvenated and a thin (1”– 11/4”) bituminous wearing surface is added. “M/O” denotes a method by which an optimum thickness (11/2” – 2½”) of the existing surface is milled off and a new surface of approximately equal thickness is added. “O” represents a straight overlay method where the existing surface is leveled with thin layer of bituminous material and then a 11/2” – 2” bituminous overlay is laid.

For questions please contact:
Eric Herbst, P.E.

Street Resurfacing Priority List

Below is a schedule of expected dates of resurfacing operations.  This is a tentative schedule and may change as equipment, project progress, and weather dictate.  In some cases, prime coat may need to be applied the day before asphalt paving is done. TENTATIVE SCHEDULE UPDATED 9/20/2016.  Additional rain will likely mean additional delays.
Residents need to watch for the Temporary No Parking signs that will be posted in the afternoon or early evening of the day before each operation, which will be the only notice provided.

Haverhill Park (2000 block)
Complete 10/5
Berkshire Gardens Lane
Complete 10/5
Bramblewood Court
Complete 10/5
Claremont Commons
Complete 10/6
Crestmoor Cove Court
Finish 10/4
Towanda Avenue (Raab Rd. to I-55)**
Complete 10/5*-10/6
Carriage Hills Road (Cutter Ct. to White Chapel Way)
10/4 10/7
Adam Dr/Melody Ln/Courtland Ave Loop
10/4-10/5 10/7

**Towanda Avenue - crack control fabric on 10/4, leveling binder (lower lift of asphalt) on 10/5, surface on 10/6, aggregate shoulders to be scheduled.