Innovation and Technology

About Our Department

​​​​​​​ The Innovation and Technology Department (I&T) is responsible for providing secure, stable, operational, and responsive information and communications systems for the Town. With the combination of the IT infrastructure and smart city planning, I&T department’s goal is to improve organizational efficiency, streamline services, contribute directly and indirectly to the economic growth of the Town.

Our Mission and Key Drivers

The I&T Department partners, innovates, and evolves to deliver high-value, customer-focused solutions and incorporate smart city thinking in all aspects of organization and community building. The following drivers help us achieve the stated mission:  

Organizational Alignment 

In today’s fast-evolving technology world, aligning people, processes, and culture is crucial to achieving organization-wide digital strategy and related efficiencies - both now and in the future. To ensure such alignment, I&T department:   

• embraces the Town’s vision and core values;   

• aligns its strategic objectives and priorities to that of the Town’s;  

• integrates physical and digital planning; 

• will establish a broad-based, cross-departmental governance structure to ensure accountability. 

Security and Compliance 

As the pace of new technologies increase, organizations are challenged to embrace and experiment with these technologies rapidly. At the same time, the scope and complexity of cyber threats continue to grow exponentially.  New regulations across all levels of government continue to increase to protect the privacy of individuals and businesses. I&T department recognizes that:  

• critical to our success is a strong foundation of governance and practices to ensure the security of our existing and emerging technological infrastructure as well as sensitive data and information;  

• regulatory compliance offers an opportunity to consistently strengthen our city through strategic, proactive measures such as best practices, employee training, internal controls, and benchmarking.  

Sustainability of Investment 

Smart cities are those that leverage technology to improve their own municipal operations while catering to the changing needs of their citizenry. They solve current and future challenges, and create exciting new services for residents and businesses. As the department that retains the responsibility of enterprise technology assets and smart city initiatives, the I&T department will:   

engage both internal and external customers periodically to understand current and future needs;  

manage the technology portfolio with a lens for increasing efficiency, best practices, emerging trends, and long-term sustainability. 

Data Driven Decisions 

Cities are inundated with data like never before. The proliferation of data - or Big Data - will be exaggerated with the introduction of the Internet of Things (IoT) such as cameras and sensors.  Smart cities evolved from the idea that Big Data can make the management of services and resources more efficient. To create a culture of data that is ready for the future, I&T department:   

• understands the need to implement processes and tools to develop skills to interpret data, gather meaningful intelligence, and to help drive business decisions;  

• underscores the need to utilize existing Town data and sources before investing in the IoT devices that generate Big Data;  

• will utilize existing data to establish key indicators and measure success; 

• will develop dashboards to track progress on key priorities;  

• will publish data within the confines of privacy and compliance.   

Customer Focus and Transparency 

Municipal technology departments serve both internal (municipal staff) and external (residents and businesses) customers. In order to accommodate both types of customers, I&T department will: 

• focus its day-to-day internal customer service efforts on providing timely response to support requests, automating processes to enhance business agility, and increasing technology fluency among its customers;  

• focus its long-term internal customer service efforts through prompt delivery of projects that align directly with the departmental and organizational priorities; 

• assist in forwarding enhancements to digital government services to serve the Town’s changing demographics. These services will reflect a unified, digitally inclusive, user-centric approach to engaging with the public, where it’s easy to find information and connect with the Town; 

• strive to embed openness and transparency within Town operations with a focus on privacy.  

Innovation and Continuous Improvement 

Like many businesses and services today, there is an expectation that the government should do more with less and be accessible “24 X 7”.  While the proliferation of new technologies promises a solution to many urban problems, we must first address the “change management” challenges associated with the adoption of new technologies and ways of doing business. I&T department:   

• acknowledges the dichotomy between rapid technology adoption and change management;   

• embraces the opportunities afforded by smart technologies and big data and does so in a way that integrates the Town’s vision for the future;  

• commits to being open and collaborative with its customers and vendors to expand organizational capacity for innovation and continuous improvement.